How To Apply Epoxy

There are going to be a lot of surfaces that you might want to apply epoxy to. These surfaces can be in your garage, in an office building or in a school. Regardless of where you want to apply it, the process for concrete epoxy is the same.

How to apply epoxy?

Epoxy can be easily applied to floors as a part of the repair or restoration process.

If you need to apply epoxy on concrete, then it is better to know how much epoxy to use and whether or not you should mix your own batch of epoxy or purchase one that has already been mixed for you. The information below can help you with the answers to those questions.

How much epoxy do I need?

Some of the estimates for how much epoxy will cover your floor will vary significantly. This is because everyone has a different opinion about what constitutes 1 gallon, and most people don’t have measuring equipment that is sensitive enough to figure out exactly how much epoxy will fit into a 1 gallon container.

What tools do you need to apply epoxy?

The first thing that you will need is plain old concrete mix. This can be purchased at any Home Depot or Lowe’s store, and it comes in bags containing either 50 pounds or 100 pounds of concrete mix. If you are mixing your own epoxy, then you should get one bag of the 50lb bag for every 10 square feet of area. For example, if you are applying the epoxy to a 100 square foot area, then you will need 10 bags of concrete mix.

concrete epoxy

There are some other things that you will need before you begin applying epoxy to the floors. Epoxy can be applied with a trowel, but it is recommended that you use a notched spreader instead. This ensures that the epoxy has even distribution and won’t cause bubbling or unevenness in the surface of your floor once it has cured.

Going the DIY route is not necessary if you are applying epoxy to your floor because it can be done professionally for a fraction of the cost that it would take you to do it on your own.