Tips From Professional Electricians

When it comes to learning we all want to learn from the best. We want to know the deep dark secrets that they poses and the knowledge that they have acquired from years of hard work and sacrifice. However, many professionals won’t tell you their secrets. They feel if they took the time to learn them then you should too. However, when it comes to electrical contractors in Gastonia, NC, here are a few tips that they have given us when dealing with electronics and electricity in general.

Tip #1 – Don’t touch the wires

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This is one of the biggest tips that we were given.  Always assume the wires are hot and if you do touch them then be sure to turn off all power sources before you begin working with them.  If there is any confusion as to whether or not they are hot, don’t take a chance.  You could fry yourself by touching them, and that would be the worst day ever.  So remember, don’t touch the wires.

Tip #2 – Turn off power sources before beginning work

This is a big one as well and it will help you avoid shock.  When you are dealing with high voltage electricity there are a lot of dangers.  And when you combine high voltage electricity with water, the particles inside your body ionize and you have a recipe for disaster.    So remember to turn off power sources before beginning work and make sure that it is off by turning the knob to “off”.  Don’t just push in the button on an electrical switch and assume that you have turned it off.  Push the button in, flip the switch forward or backward depending on its design, and then proceed to work with your wires.

Tip #3 – Be careful when using an extension cord

Now this is a big no-no if you are working near water.  Make sure that you use a grounded extension cord.  The safest thing is to shut off power at the fuse box and then run your extension cords from that point so as not to get shocked.  However, if you are working on a project near water and have nowhere else to plug in your equipment, make sure that it is plugged into an extension cord that is grounded and has a three prong adapter on it.  Never work with a two prong extension cord.